Rambler Floor Plans
Rambler Floor Plans
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If you are really about getting a different, more West Coast styled home custom built,
then you may want to take a look at different rambler floor plans—because these happen
to be some of the more popular homes that are in the West. Such houses have gained
popularity over the years for a good many reasons. Most people actually like them
because of the way that they are laid out and how the home looks from the exterior.
Others prefer them because they are generally ranch homes in ranching areas, ideal for
the rancher. And yet there are others that just appreciate this style of architecture and will
opt for a custom built home of this style. If you happen to be interested in these types of
homes and what they are, read on because hopefully this can shed some light on this very
popular style of American dwelling.

What are Rambler Houses?
The best way to inform you as to just what these houses are is by directly citing their
definition from the encyclopedia: “Rambler, a style of house that extends sideways or in
depth, therefore "rambles" (also known as ranch-style houses or California ramblers.” So
now that you better understand these houses and what they are, you can more easily
comprehend why so many people like them, and why, over the years, they have grown to
be such a popular form of housing that is greatly prevalent in the West and all over
California, Texas, Arizona and other states, like Nevada.

Why People Like These Types of Homes
There are a myriad of great reasons why people would like these types of homes. For one,
the rambler floor plans were designer with the local region in mind – where they tend to
be found like in California, because they are also designed with the elements in mind.
Because the oddly shaped exterior, torrential rains and desert storms as well as harsh
winters are more easily tackled. That aside, many people find the design, the styling and
the structures of such homes to be very saucy. They are actually a floor plan design that
has been around for years upon years, and is still very popular, even with new housing
developments in the West Coast.

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